What We Do

From the production of paper to the delivery of packaged goods and everything in-between, we provide a full lifecycle solution to the packaging industry.

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Since the founding of Schwarz Partners in 1998, Jack Schwarz has grown the business into an industry leader.  He has constantly reinvented the business, and made the Schwarz name a standard in the industry. Jack’s sons, John and Jeff, operate and lead Schwarz Partners today and are building upon the legacy of their father.

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Our Team

Strong leadership and high-caliber co-workers make for an outstanding team. Having decades of industry experience in leadership positions at Schwarz Partners provides us with the knowledge and expertise to help manage our affiliated businesses at the highest levels.

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We are driven by six core values that assist in our actions and decisions everyday. Staying true to our values allows us to consistently provide a welcoming environment for our co-workers and the highest quality products and services for our customers.

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By being conscientious of our natural environment, recycling and reusing materials, and making a point to give back more than we take, we can reduce our footprint for future generations.

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We are happy to call central Indiana our home. We are also happy to call each city and town where our operations are located home. Our co-workers are residents and active parts of each of these communities.

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