At Schwarz, we believe that quality products result from great processes. Our business partners and suppliers play a critical role in each part of corrugated lifecycle.


We create containerboard for sheet feeders.

Schwarz Partners has business networks and partnerships in the paper mill industry that create opportunities to own and produce both recycled and virgin paper, as well as the ability to create lightweight containerboard. Some of the produced containerboard supplies Schwarz Partners affiliated sheet feeders.

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We produce corrugated board for sheet plants.

Our supply chain includes 14 sheet feeder operations, also known as corrugated manufacturers, which make combined corrugated board. Our affiliated sheet feeders produce more than 21 billion MSF (thousand square feet) of corrugated board each year, and place more than 856,000 unique orders for their customers.

Corrugated board is created exclusively to supply sheet plants, also known as box plants, which purchase sheets and manufacture boxes. The Schwarz Partners affiliated sheet feeder group, with locations across North America, is the single largest privately held buyer of containerboard in the United States. Schwarz Partners affiliated sheet feeders encourage partners to buy from them, but they don’t require it.

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We fabricate and design boxes.

Sheet plants fabricate and design their own boxes whereas box plants produce their own sheets and convert them under their own roof. Box plants have both a corrugator and finishing equipment. They both create a variety of products, from brown corrugated boxes to die-cut or printed boxes.

Box plants may also supply corrugated sheets to other corrugated sheet plants. Our 18 affiliated converting plants work with a variety of markets to provide tailored display and packaging products and services.

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We ship materials nationwide.

Schwarz Partners’ affiliated shipping and warehousing companies create a logistics network that gives our affiliates a unique advantage to deliver their final products more quickly than our competitors. Only 4% of our affiliates’ fleet delivers company products while the remaining 96% provide logistics needs across a range of industries.

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We manage scrap and supply mills with fiber.

We care about our natural environment and take sustainability seriously. Schwarz Partners’ and its affiliates began their sustainability initiatives by repurposing scrap generated by sheet feeders. Today, Schwarz Partners and affiliates have dedicated recycling companies that handle 1.3 million tons of wastepaper per year. All the recycled material is reused at our affiliated paper mills to make 100% recycled containerboard.

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