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Paper Mills

New Indy Containerboard, a joint venture between Schwarz Partners and The Kraft Group, capitalizes on the Schwarz Partners containerboard purchasing power. Schwarz Partners is the largest open market linerboard purchaser and the country’s leading sheet feeder operator. New Indy Containerboard has two mills, which are located in Ontario and Oxnard, California.

Corrugated Sheets

Under the company name, Sheets, LLC, Schwarz Partners manages ten sheet feeder operations situated throughout the United States. The companies are located in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Florida. These ten operations have built reputations as premiere producers of corrugated paper packaging.


The Royal Group was founded as The Royal Box Company in 1922 and has since grown into the country’s premiere source for packaging and displays. A total of 16 full box plants, sheet feeder plants, and warehouses fall under the Royal Group umbrella. No company can match the range and services of corrugated, packaging supplies, graphics and displays, or fulfillment and logistics solutions delivered by the Royal Group.


Integrity Fiber Supply, the Schwarz Partners’ recycling company, creates long-term, sustainable competitive pricing for its suppliers/paper mills, while providing strong customer focus. Exceptional customer service is provided by consistency in movement, prompt transportation solutions, and an attention to details.


Venture Logistics is Schwarz Partners’ affiliated transportation company, primarily serving the Midwest and Southeastern portions of the United States. With operations centers in Indianapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Grand Rapids, Venture Logistics continues to expand its reach as one of the country’s premiere trucking and logistics providers.

Private Equity

As part of its diverse portfolio, Schwarz Partners maintains interests in various private equity investments.

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