Inspiring more sustainable communities, together

Since 2014, the Integrity Fiber Supply group has worked in close partnership with the team at River Valley Paper — sharing assets, resources and best practices to improve customer outcomes and environmental impact. Last year alone, the companies worked together to divert 1.4 million tons of recovered paper waste away from landfills and back into the economy for reuse in manufacturing. This fall, the pair will strengthen their bond as the two companies will merge into a unified Integrity Fiber.

With a shared mission to provide innovative and effective solutions for their customers, and a commitment to the environment, Integrity Fiber will unify 140 employees, across six locations and plants.

“This project gave us the exciting opportunity to align our business strategies, our core values and the outstanding culture of our teams,” said Thomas Trudeau, senior vice president of sales & operations. “Whether we are recruiting new team members, onboarding a new client or expanding into a new vertical — we can plan for future growth knowing we’re stronger together. And we can do that while delivering on our promise to our customers, our teams and our communities.”

The company will also launch a new brand identity (sneak peek below!), as well as a new website that will debut in the coming weeks. One exciting component of the website is the featured impact calculator — a tool for new customers who want to explore their potential cost savings and impact.

“This is the first step in a multi-phase process to refine our customer experience, and our work to expand our impact,” said Jessica Santilli, customer support. “For next steps, we’re working to build a customer portal that will allow easier access to impact reports and custom information. Lots of exciting things to come!”