How to get the interview

Recruitment Specialist Tarrell Humphries shares ideas for getting noticed when applying for a job at Schwarz Partners

Schwarz Partners Recruitment Specialist Tarrell Humphries wants people to notice your application.

Tarrell Humphries loves his job. The Indiana University Kelley School of Business grad has worked as the Schwarz Partners recruitment specialist since August 2020. Behind the scenes, he helps his colleagues in human resources navigate the recruiting process, tapping into his creativity to make sure jobs — and job candidates — get noticed.

What does Tarrell, who focuses on recruiting for the Schwarz Partners sheet feeder group and The Royal Group, love most about his work? When a candidate gets the job. “You’re changing someone’s life,” he said. “You may be giving someone an opportunity to provide for their family.” Tarrell also feels good about welcoming new employees to such “an awesome organization.” He said that year-round work, benefits, stability, a thriving business and growth opportunities are all good reasons to choose Schwarz Partners. “I’ve heard about people moving up from general laborer to lead, supervisor, manager and beyond,” Tarrell said.

Are you ready to explore career opportunities at Schwarz Partners? With these tips from Tarrell, you just might land the job you’re looking for — and make a hardworking recruiter’s day!

1. Build a resume. “If you’re applying for an hourly job on the factory floor or a salary position, it really helps to have a resume,” Tarrell said. “Without a resume, it’s harder to see what kind of experience or stability you have.” Every facility has preferences, but one common denominator is a history of job stability, Tarrell explained. A resume showcases your job history, which can make you a stronger candidate. Plus, it’s a way of showing your interest in the position. “When you build a resume, it shows you put your best foot forward, and it sets you apart from the other applicants that didn’t submit one.”

2. Take time to tell your story. Not sure how to create a strong resume? Get help! Look at examples, like these from Indeed. You don’t need to use fancy language in your resume. Just explain your duties and the projects and milestones you accomplished while in each position. Do your best telling your story on your own. Then ask the best writer you know to look over your resume and make edits so you can correct it. Be sure to:

  • Include your name and contact information. And keep it up to date!
  • Add job titles and details about every job. Recruiters want details of what you did every day in each position you’ve held. Don’t just list job titles with white space below them. you want to make it as easy as possible for the recruiter or human resources leader reviewing your resume to see what you’ve done at previous jobs. “When you don’t add details, others won’t know what you’ve accomplished,” Tarrell said.
  • Showcase skills for the job you’re applying for. Tarrell shared several examples:“If you’re applying for a forklift operator position and you have 10 years of experience operating a forklift, say so. If you apply for a tech position at a plant and show experience at, say, apartment complexes but don’t list your years of working with heavy machinery, you may get overlooked. If you have relevant experience, include it. Recruiters are more likely to put you in the “yes pile” if you show relevant experience along with a good history of job stability on your resume.
  • Show your accomplishments and skills. Add degrees, certifications, safety training and any specialized, relevant skills you’ve developed over the years. For example, if you’ve completed a safety training course, it matters. The equipment you’ve worked with matters, too. Consider adding a bulleted list of your skills and accomplishments.
  • Choose a simple format and manage it well. Tarrell said he often tries to help managers “give applicants grace” by looking past minor typos and spacing errors on resumes for entry-level positions. But what if he’s not around? You may be judged on the quality of your resume, even if you’re applying for an hourly job. Take the time to do your best while creating your resume. Make sure it’s structured well and easy to read. And don’t forget to have someone you trust read over your work before submitting it.

3. Build a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is another way to showcase your experience — especially for most salary positions. You can create your LinkedIn profile using the content in your resume. Then include a link to your profile when you apply for jobs. Consider these tips, and start to build your professional network.

Tarrell can’t help every candidate with their resume, though “I wish I could,” he said. He hopes you’ll land that job and enjoy Schwarz Partners as much as he does. “I love the family culture here,” Tarrell said. “My first week on the job, the founder, Jack Schwarz, said, ‘I’m going to Flutes. Want to take a ride?’ And he took me to Flutes for a plant tour. I didn’t know what to think! I’m sitting in the car with the owner, and he’s taking me on a ride up the road to a local plant he owns. You don’t see that in a lot of places. Those experiences, and little things like company leaders asking about my one-year-old, make Schwarz Partners awesome.”