Schwarz Partners sheet feeders up their game with a new name

You’ve heard about Schwarz Partners sheet feeders. You may even work at one of them.

But how much do you really know about what Schwarz sheet feeders can do together? Check out these stats. Collectively:

  • Our sheet feeders form a group that includes 14 plants and 1,200 people across North America.
  • Convert 23 billion square feet of corrugated sheets each year.
  • Produce 20% of the nation’s corrugated provided by independent sheet plants.

If you didn’t know these facts about our sheet feeders as a collective group, there could be a good reason why. Schwarz Partners sheet feeders operate independently, so we often don’t talk about the scale of the sheet feeders together. But that’s changing.

Soon our sheet feeders will announce a new name and brand that unites them: Corrugated Partners Group (CPG).

“Our sheet feeders do amazing work, but until now we’ve never had a way to identify them as a group,” said Jeff Schwarz. “Though our sheet feeders will remain independent, it benefits us in a lot of ways to show how they’re connected.”

That’s the reason for the new name. “Corrugated Partners Group is our sheet feeders’ legal, branded name,” said Craig Fisher, president of the Sheet Feeder Group. “With a new name that brings all our sheet feeders together, we can show potential customers our strengths and our geographic reach. The way we work won’t change — our sheet feeders will still work both independently and collaboratively. The new name just helps people who aren’t familiar with us understand who we are, how we work and what we can do for them.”

When CPG announces its new name, it will launch a new website, too. The site will share what our sheet feeders do, introduce locations and leaders, and give people insight into the corrugated lifecycle.

“The name and website are going to be a great way for us to let people — including current employees — know about career opportunities at all our sheet feeders,” Craig said. “This will also be a great tool to assist in our recruiting efforts nationwide. We can’t wait to talk about CPG and the new website at job fairs.”

A new name won’t change our sheet feeders’ focus on producing high quality products on time and at competitive prices. “Our partners and customers already know they can count on us,” said John Lingle, past president of the Sheet Feeder Group. “Our new identity will enable suppliers, partners and our team to understand the size, scope and strength of our organization.”

Stronger together

Click through the graphics below to learn more about CPG, including the sheet feeders that are part of the new brand.